What Makes Markets Tick? Trends That Investors Seek in Listed Companies (Online)

In this session, Juan-Luis Pérez -who leads the premier equity research global team (Institutional Investor client survey 2018-2021) and the number one alternative research operation (Evidence Lab #1 Global Alternative Research, Greenwich Associates 2020-2021)- will debate the trends that could shape up investors perceptions in the coming years. We are witnessing an explosion of online and offline tools that through data capture map out with unprecedented precision consumer preferences.  Powerful network effects are behind virtually any «super-firm» status but can also drive instability. Distributed Ledger tecnologies may disrupt the financial landscape. At any scale, those components force any market participant to explre new ways to engage with clients and experiment in a dynamic enviroment.  Hopefully we will have an animated dicussion about the ways in which data analytics could make or break firms and how the Markets may reward companies that profit from the new rules of the game

Juan-Luis Pérez, Group Head of Group Research and Analytics, UBS
Prof. Carles Vergara, Professor and Head of the Financial Management Department at IESE Business School


26 Oct 2021


16:00 - 17:00


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