Geopolitics and Energy Transition in Europe

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The European and by extension the world geopolitical situation has dramatically changed since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February this year. In addition to the tragical human impact, this is redefining the world geopolitical balance and the position of Russia on the economic international scene. Traditional energy supply chains involving Russia must be reconsidered and the shift to renewable energy accelerated. However disruptive changes in renewable energy technology and power storage are also challenging the view that gas is still required for a low-carbon energy transition. With a strong increase in fossil fuel prices, energy costs will rise and impact the general economic outlook. As a result, the European energy transition plan to climate neutrality is being challenged.

This session is included in the new series of the BSCL-Business Schools for Climate Leadership

Prof. Mike Rosenberg, Professor of the Practice of Management of Strategic Management, IESE
Prof. Jean-Michel Gauthier, HEC Paris


25 May 2022


17:00 - 18:00


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